Evergrande High-Tech Group has given positive support to building China into a nation of scientific and technological strength, enhanced cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific and technological research institutions, gained ground in leading-edge technological innovations, introduced high-tech professionals and made investment in high-tech businesses, in a bid to establish a technological innovation system that is led by enterprises, oriented towards market and featured by the in-depth industry-university-research integration.

Making a foray into high-tech industry is an important move with strategic significance for building Evergrande into a century-old brand. Over a decade to come, Evergrande will invest RMB 100 billion in key fields including intelligent automobile, life sciences, artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, new materials, new energy, information technology and modern high-tech agriculture, and team up with Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in establishing “three leading-edge bases” including a scientific and technological research base, a scientific and technological research incubation base and a scientific and technological achievement industrialization base. With these efforts made, it aims to provide scientist teams with world-class research conditions, incubation bases and logistic support as well as a flexible incentive mechanism and develop the “three bases” into a magnet for global top-notch scientists and a world-class center for scientific and technological innovation.

  • Evergrande in Partnership with CAS

    In April 2018, Evergrande and CAS signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement in Beijing, marking Evergrande’s official foray into high-tech industry. By virtue of Evergrande’s capital strength and CAS’s scientific research advantage, the partnership between them will serve as a model for future cooperation between social capital and national strategic science and technology force.

    At present, the two parties have signed and implemented six cooperation projects in the first batch with a total investment of RMB 1.647 billion, including “CAS-Evergrande” Super Computer, Artificial Intelligence, Graphene, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Surgery Robot and “Big Health Haiyun Project” with a total valuation of about RMB 4.6 billion. Among them, “CAS-Evergrande” Super Computer will head the list of Top 500 Super Computers once it is successfully developed. With great development potential, this batch of projects is expected to emerge as the bellwether of their respective fields. Under the lead of the strategy of “giving priority to industrialization with incubation as a subsidiary”, Evergrande will step up the commercialization and application of excellent scientific and technological research achievements.

    Looking to the future, as the cooperation between Evergrande and CAS deepens, the two parties will make a great batch of world-leading achievements in cutting-edge science and technology, thus doing their bit for building China into a nation of scientific and technological strength.

  • Evergrande FF Intelligent Automotive (China) Group

    In June 2018, Evergrande officially became a heavy shareholder of US new-energy vehicle company Faraday Future, which has gotten Evergrande’s first foray into high-tech industry to a great start. This purchase has been a great success in not only introducing world’s leading-edge electric automotive technology and top-notch scientific and technological research teams to China but also advancing the transformation and upgrade of China’s automobile industry, thus turning China into a powerful automobile innovator from a large automobile manufacturer.

    Faraday Future (FF) possesses 1,000-plus expert teams and 380-odd patents in new energy vehicle, computer algorithm, Internet, information system, artificial intelligence and other fields all over the world. Significantly, FF91, as FF’s first high-end vehicle model, promises multiple trail-blazing and tradition-breaking driving experiences and boasts many world-class performance and technology indicators.

    With its official inauguration in Guangzhou, Evergrande FF Intelligent Automotive (China) Group will take charge of technological R&D and production & operation management of FF in China as FF’s operation headquarters in China. In a decade down the line, the Group will establish five R&D and production bases in East China, West China, South China, North China and Central China. As a result, its annual output is expected to reach 5 million.

  • Evergrande Smart Technology

    Evergrande Smart Technology's mission is to "introduce science and technology into life". Built upon industry-leading R&D technologies in the fields of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, Internet, cloud services and big data, Evergrande Smart Technology devotes itself to the tiny details of everyday life of our users, bringing them a fine and pleasant living environment by leveraging an integrated, cloud-based, smart platform.

    Our company attaches great importance to research and development, and invests hundreds of millions of yuan on an annual basis. Our technical team digs deep in the fields of Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. By utilizing deep learning and rule engine, our team analyzes various structured and unstructured data, and establishes a human-centered IoT perception system to connect people and things as well as bringing about interconnection between different things. In the future, we will build a smart technology company with cutting-edge technology, first-class management and excellent culture.

  • Evergrande High-Tech Agriculture

    High-tech agriculture is one of the eight key targeting fields of Evergrande’s foray into high-tech industry. Evergrande High-Tech Agricultural Group has adopted world’s state-of-the-art high-tech technologies, relied on domestic top-notch scientific and technological research platforms, pooled world-leading advanced high-end equipment, realized full automation in environmental control and all-weather and all-season production, and utilized robots and comprehensive self-control systems, in a bid to achieve automation, intelligentization, standardization, green production, high quality, high yield and high efficiency and strengthen agriculture with world-class high technologies.

    Evergrande High-Tech Agricultural Group sets sights on world’s top-notch high-tech smart greenhouse agriculture and China’s trend-setting agricultural tourism demonstration base for sightseeing agriculture so as to develop a national role model project for agricultural modernization and a national most excellent scenic area for sightseeing agriculture.